Birmingham Interdisciplinary Research Interim Seminar


Centre for Corpus Research, University of Birmingham
22 September 2014


The focus of the seminar was to present our interim findings and start a discussion with the user groups on the potential impact of our research in their fields, as well as to discover which other lines of inquiry they would like us to pursue. The seminar was attended by representatives of research councils (ESRC, EPSRC), publishers (Elsevier), interdisciplinary researchers, and Study Skills and English for Academic Purposes (EAP) teachers, who were invited as potential user groups for our project. At the seminar, we have presented the results of our exercise on the categorisation of interdisciplinary research papers, a summary of interviews with researchers, authors and journal editors on the use of language in interdisciplinary research, a report on our progress in the application of multi-dimensional analysis and topic modelling to interdisciplinary research discourse, as well as some other areas of research.

A summary of each of these presentations have been uploaded on this blog:

Lucas conference-edgbaston_3

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